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Philip Athans

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Philip Athans

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Full Name: Philip Athans
Born: January 1, 1964
Rochester, New York, USA
Occupation: Writer, Editor
Nationality: American


Philip Athans is an American editor and author who was born in Rochester, New York, but was raised in Chicago. Athans grew up reading Marvel comics and Starlog magazines, and watching Star Trek. He graduated from film school in 1985 and started small circulation literary magazine called Alternative Fiction & Poetry.

Although Athans used to work in a record store while working on his writing career in his spare time, he was taken on in the book publishing department of TSR in 1995 when J. Robert King resigned from his full-time position as editor, and Athans stayed on through the 1997 transition to Wizards of the Coast. Athans became Managing Editor for Wizards of the Coast Book Publishing, where he spent most of his time as the Forgotten Realms novel line editor. There he edited dozens of anthologies and novels, and continued to write his own, and helped launch the Greyhawk, Dark Matter, Star*Drive, and Dungeons & Dragons novel lines. He wrote a number of Forgotten Realms books himself, and he is well known for writing the novelizations of the computer games, Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. He left Wizards of the Coast in June 2010, a little bloody, but not beaten. Since then, he has edited some genre anthologies, and published some "How To" guides on writing genre fiction.

Somewhere in all of that he got married to a very patient woman and had a couple of great kids. He continues to be a full blown media junky: a Comcast Digital Platinum subscriber, and collector of vintage Ace Science Fiction Doubles, with a huge library of books, video games, CDs, and DVDs (and now, thanks to his PS3, Blu-Rays), not to mention a serious comic book collection and more pencil-and-paper RPG books than he could ever hope to play.

Works in the WWEnd Database

 Fathomless Abyss

 1. (2011)

 Forgotten Realms: Baldur's Gate

 1. (1999)
 2. (2000)

 Forgotten Realms: Sembia

 0. (2000)

 Forgotten Realms: The Threat From The Sea

 4. (2000)

 Forgotten Realms: The Watercourse Trilogy

 1. (2005)
 2. (2006)
 3. (2007)

 Forgotten Realms: War of the Spider Queen

 5. (2004)


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