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The Garden of the Shaped

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The Garden of the Shaped

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Author: Sheila Finch
Publisher: Ballantine Spectra, 1987
Series: The Shaper Exile: Book 1

1. The Garden of the Shaped
2. Shaper's Legacy
3. Shaping the Dawn

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Colonization
Human Development
Soft SF
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Lee P


Banished to an uninhabited planet, a handful of genetic scientists prepare to live out eternity. Here, beyond the reach of their accusers, theory becomes reality. Experimenting with stolen human germ plasm, they shape mankind into races unlike anything Earth has ever seen: the whimsical Llani metamorphs, the inventive but rebellious Ganus, and the Rhodaru warriors with the truth sense. Once their great test has begun, the immortal geneticists agree never to interfere.

But like the races they invent, the scientists are human. Still, nothing they do prepares the Llanis for the Ganu uprising 500 years later. Queen Sivell is young, but she possesses an unerring wisdom -- a trait rare in Llanis of any age. As she ascends to the throne, war has already begun. Sivell's own unique parentage and her newfound knowledge of her people's origins could bring peace to her world -- or death to her people!


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