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Author: Den Patrick
Publisher: HarperCollins, 2018
Series: Ashen Torment: Book 1

1. Witchsign
2. Stormtide

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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Witchsign follows the stories of two siblings, Steiner and Kjellrunn, who live in a godforsaken province of the Scorched Republics.

The dragons are long dead, but the Solmindre Empire looms over the continent threatening, keen on eradicating any sign of the arcane that is associated with the dragons, the so called witchsign, by forcing every child to undergo the Invigilation. Those found positive to the taint of the dragons are taken away, and no one knows what happens to them.

Steiner had successfully passed his Invigilations, until a spiteful Hierarch of the Empire mistakenly assumes Steiner bears the witchsign instead of his sister, and he is taken away to Vladibogdan, a prison island hosting dangerous secrets, and dangerous magic. To Steiner's astonishment, the children taken away are not executed; on the contrary, they attend the four elemental schools of the Academy situated on the island, and they are forced to serve the Empire that uprooted them from their homes.

Without witchsign, Steiner's position is precarious. While he struggles to survive and outsmart his vicious enemies, Kjellrunn tries to master her skills and find a way to bring her brother back. In their respective quests, Steiner and Kjellrunn uncover conspiracies and secrets regarding their family, the Empire, and the entire world. But those aware of such knowledge are bound to be silenced. In a permanent fashion.


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