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The Weapon From Beyond

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The Weapon From Beyond

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Author: Edmond Hamilton
Publisher: Ace Books, 1967
Series: Starwolf: Book 1

0. Starwolf
1. The Weapon From Beyond
2. The Closed Worlds
3. World of the Starwolves

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Science-Fiction
Sub-Genre Tags: Pulp
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The stars whispered: Die, Starwolf! Die!

Morgan Chane was an Earthman by parentage, but he had been born on the pirate-world Varna, whose heavy gravity had developed strength and incredibly quick reflexes in him. When he was old enough, he joined the raider-ships that looted the starworlds, and fought side by side with the dreaded Starwolves of Varna.

But then there was a fight among them. Chane killed their leader, and the other Starwolves turned on him. He barely got away alive – wounded near death, his Starwolf pursuers following him across the galaxy.

And there was nowhere he could seek refuge, for no world lift a hand to save one of the hated Starwolves.

This novel is contained in the Omnibus Starwolf


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