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They Made Us Blood and Fury

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They Made Us Blood and Fury

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Author: Cheryl S. Ntumy
Publisher: Self-Published, 2021
Series: Chronicles of the Countless Clans: Book 1

1. They Made Us Blood and Fury

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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Anyi is the gem of the Countless Clans. Their Queens make lifeblood, a magical substance used for everything from medicine to weapons. Once, Anyi had so much lifeblood that they gave it away. Now their Queen is dying, none of her daughters, the Diviewe, can produce lifeblood and the gods that guide the clan have gone silent.

In the Empire of Ka, Anyi native Aseye dreams of leaving her work at the imperial armory to strike out on her own. Kwame, a spy with a hidden heritage, is a charming distraction. A man of conflicting loyalties, he's not to be trusted with Aseye's heart -- or her secret, buried so deep that even she doesn't remember it. A secret that could end her life.

As Anyi's lifeblood dwindles, the Diviewe beg the Elders to unleash an ancient weapon to save the clan. The Elders refuse. The Diviewe take matters into their own hands. But the weapon is not what they thought it would be, and it's not the only thing to wake...


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