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Minions of the Moon

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Minions of the Moon

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Author: Richard Bowes
Publisher: Tor, 1999
Series: Kevin Grierson

This book does not appear to be part of a series. If this is incorrect, and you know the name of the series to which it belongs, please let us know.

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Book Type: Collection
Genre: Fantasy
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Kevin Grierson has a Shadow with a mind of its own. It likes thrills, it likes power, it likes the rush of drugs and danger. From the suburbs of Boston to the streets of New York, from the false glamour of advertising to the dark glamour of hustling and drug-dealing. Grierson's Shadow keeps him walking the edge of destruction and madness. Then a simple robbery goes horribly wrong. With the help of a flawed saint named Leo Dunn, Grierson struggles to banish his Shadow, and succeeds. Temporarily. Years later, sober and settled, at peace with his world, Kevin Grierson meets his Shadow again. And this time it won't go away.


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Minions of the Moon

- spoltz


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