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The Sky Slayer

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The Sky Slayer

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Author: Joel Cornah
Publisher: Kristell Ink, 2016
Series: The Sea-Stone Sword: Book 2

1. The Sea-Stone Sword
2. The Sky Slayer

Book Type: Novel
Genre: Fantasy
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All who kill a pterosaur are cursed. But Rob Sardan went a step further - he killed their King.

To break the curse he must escape a prison of ice and crystal, south of south, beyond all hope. With a ragtag team of former pirates, a failed thief and a strategist who cannot be trusted, they seek a ship that can sail on a sea of fire.

They must cross the grinding ice, challenge an empire, and face the dread pirate Skagra before she unleashes the Crown of Black Glass. But above all, Rob must face the ghosts of what he has become... King Killer. Sword-breaker. Sky Slayer.


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