Stories of the Raksura, Volume One

Martha Wells
Stories of the Raksura, Volume One Cover

Stories of the Raksura, Volume One


Three prequel short stories to The Cloud Roads and one novella set between The Siren Depths and The Edge of Worlds.

"The Falling World" - A trading party including Jade and Chime goes missing, and Moon, Stone, and others set off to find and/or rescue them. Lighter on interpersonal character dynamics and Raksuran sociopolitics than I prefer, but it's a good adventure story with some nice character development for Chime.

"The Tale of Indigo and Cloud" - I love this story. Plenty of Raksuran politics, a little romance, and a cameo appearance by a fledgling Stone. I only wish there could be an entire book focused on Umber Shadow and the wonderful new characters introduced in this story.

"The Forest Boy" - Lovely and poignant story about Moon as a child, trying to find a place where he fits in.

"Adaptation" - The story of Chime's transformation. Not a bad story, but doesn't add much to what was already revealed in the novels. I'd have been a lot more interested in seeing this part of the court's history explored through Jade's or Pearl's or Stone's POV.