Across the Green Grass Fields

Seanan McGuire
Across the Green Grass Fields Cover

Across the Green Grass Fields


I haven't been that enamored of most of the previous stories in this series, but this one seems to me to be a cut above. I love that this story supports, encourages, accepts, and validates people whose personal identity does not match traditional gender norms; that it makes the point that all sentient beings are equally beautiful and equally important, each in their own way.

But the first quarter of this story is absolutely brutal. The middle part is rather fraught, as well. And there's not really an ending.

Those who were bullied or abused as children are likely to have one of two reactions to this story: either they will find it cathartic, or they will find it extremely painful and triggering. I advise readers to choose whether to read it based on self-knowledge and on their past responses to reading about children being bullied and abused.