Count Zero

William Gibson
Count Zero Cover

2nd Book of Classic Cyberpunk Trilogy


While it might not be the game changer of Neuromancer, Count Zero delivers an entertaining cyberpunk story. I enjoyed the descriptions of the grungy, ruined future communities, and Gibson’s style of prose is very expressive of the states of mind of his main characters. The story follows three characters with their own plotlines, which slowly come together toward the end. The characters were something of a weak point, in my opinion, and Marly and Turner in particular felt almost like stereotypical representations of gender. I was much more interested in Bobby Newmark (“Count Zero”), mostly because I enjoyed his persistence and self-conscious cockiness in the face of a situation he didn’t understand. The merging of the three stories came a little too late in the novel for me, and some of the plot points that drove that merging seemed a little artificial. Altogether, though, I thought the conclusion was coherent and satisfying.

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