The Kings of Eternity

Eric Brown
The Kings of Eternity Cover

The Kings of Eternity


I found this one slow to get into. There were a few great scenes that kept me reading, but it was not until about page 200 that I really got into the story.

1935 - some friends get together to investigate strange things in Hopton Wood. They find and help a strange creature from another world which changes their lives. (I was not as interested in the background life of Jonathon Langham - jealous of Carla, his girlfriend, to the point of breaking the relationship apart, and the illness of his father.)

1999 - follows the reclusive life of the novelist, Daniel Langham, on a Greek island. Writing while hiding away. He is interested in a new neighbour, and avoiding the Englishman writing about him. (I did find this love affair - if you can call it that - much more interesting.)

In the end, it is a love story. I did like it.