Grady Hendrix
Horrorstör Cover



Have you even gone to one of the Big Box Stores for a couple of items, only to come out and realized you had just spent twice as long as you meant to? Where did that time go? It was stolen by the store. Well what if there was a malicious entity that was just trying to drive you crazy. That is the basis of Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix. It is an old-school haunted house story set in a modern day Ikea rip-off store called Orsk.

Things are being damaged in an Ohio Orsk store after hours. Furniture is being damaged, strange smells. The management is coming down to the store and in-store management needs to find out what is going on before they get there. So manager Basil hires two employees to stay with him in the store after hours to find out who is causing the damage.

Set over one night the book starts out as a light hearted dark comedy, but once the store closed, things turn dark and creepy quickly. A furniture store is a perfect place for a haunted house, and Mr. Hendrix uses the setting to the best possible advantage. Reading the novel at night in bed with all that flat-pack furniture I put together surrounding me put me in an uncomfortable mood.

This was just a wonderful read for the Halloween month. I'm looking forward to reading this author again.

On a little sidebar: This book was published by Quirk Books, a publishing house I am falling more in love with the more books I read from them.

4.5 of 5 stars