Night Shift

Charlaine Harris
Night Shift Cover

Night Shift


I'm not sure what is wrong with Charlaine Harris. She writes the best characters, but puts them in the very worst storylines. I had such hopes for her Midnight, Texas series. The characters were interesting and mysterious, and the storyline was full of mysteries, laid overlapping each other. By the second book I was starting to get these strange uncomfortable feeling, the characters were still interesting. The readers were given background information about the characters in dribs and drabs, that enticed. But the storyline was wobbly.

Train wreck. That is the only way to describe this third, and supposedly final book in the series. I did not enjoy the storyline, but I still enjoy these characters, even the crossover ones. If there is a fourth book in the series, I'm not sure if I would even bother to read it, but I do enjoy these characters.

2 of 5 stars. That is being generous, and it is because of the characters.