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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Publishers

Pantheon Books

Pantheon Books

Founded: 1942
Founded by: Jacques Schiffrin
Titles/Circulation: Unknown


Fleeing the Nazis in 1941, Pantheon founder Jacques Schiffrin arrived in New York with little money but a rich experience in publishing. Schiffrin had founded "Edicions de la Pleiade" in France after World War One, publishing affordable, but classic, literature. Forced to leave France during the Nazi occupation, he left for New York city and founded Pantheon Books in 1942. Not surprisingly, Pantheon's focussed on publishing titles related to the French Resistance! Pantheon grew to gain a reputation for publishing thought-provoking, and sometimes cutting- edge, works, from such authors as Simone de Beauvoir, C.G.Jung, and albert Camus. In 1961, Pantheon Books was purchased by Random House. Today, Pantheon offers a wide range of titles, including comic reprints (Graphic Novels), and many of its award- winning titles focus more on Fantasy than Science Fiction.

Submission Details

Pantheon does not accept simultaneous submissions. Pantheon publishes hardcover and trade paperbacks. Samples may be sent, of less than 50 pages, including a SASE.

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Authors Published

• Kevin Brockmeier  • Charles Yu  • Mark Danielewski  • Daniel Kehlmann  • Shaun Hamill  • Philip Dick  • Italo Calvino  • Peter Dickinson  • Charlotte Gilman  • Dexter Palmer  • Karin Tidbeck  • Robert Irwin  • Yasutaka Tsutsui  • Austin Grossman  • Joseph Campbell  • Julio Cort├ízar  • James Gleick  • Ben Dolnick  • Yoko Ogawa