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Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Publishers

Erewhon Books

Erewhon Books

Founded: 2020
Founded by: Liz Gorinsky
New York City, NY USA


Erewhon Books is a new independent publisher focusing on novel-length works of speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy, and related genres.

At Erewhon, our mission is to publish thoughtful, groundbreaking, and unforgettable books that go straight to the reader's heart, effortlessly strange stories that take readers on powerful emotional journeys. We embrace the liminal and unclassifiable and champion the unusual, the uncanny, and the hard-to-define.

Our books ask hard questions about issues of sociopolitical change, power and privilege, and the impact of ideas and technologies. They explore and investigate society, poke at social norms, and celebrate the unique, diverse, and underrepresented identities and communities of the world we live in, all through the lens of entertaining, thought-provoking, and risk-taking speculative fiction.

Every book on our list will have strong literary merit and broad appeal to both the growing science fiction and fantasy fan base and mainstream readers who like books with speculative elements.

This vision is executed by a team with many years of experience in publishing and founding new endeavors that change the publishing landscape, under the editorial eye of Liz Gorinsky and Sarah Guan, two of the most acclaimed and perceptive editors in the speculative fiction field.

We encourage you to join us on this journey and look forward to connecting you with works of fiction that will delight, captivate, engage, and excite you.

Submission Details

Agents and authors are invited to send projects to Erewhon Books according to these submissions guidelines. We are primarily considering novel-length works in any speculative fiction genre including science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other subgenres, but we're also open to other works of interest to the community of SF&F readers.

06/04/20 UPDATE: We're reopening unsolicited submissions to Black SFF writers to help us amplify Black voices and hear their stories. We'll announce when we're ready to reopen unsolicited submissions to other writers soon.

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Authors Published

• Hannah Clarke  • Angela Mi-Young Hur  • Cassandra Clarke  • E. Yu  • Cassandra Khaw  • C. Polk