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Murray Leinster

Space Platform

To the Stars (Leinster): Book 1

Murray Leinster

Space Platform tells the story of Joe Kenmore, who dreamed of Man's conquest of space and played a small but essential role in making this dream a reality. Joe helped make the gyros in his father's factory for the Space Platform that was to orbit around the Earth.

Space Platform is available to read free from Project Gutenberg.

Space Tug

To the Stars (Leinster): Book 2

Murray Leinster

Space Tug is one of those many sci-fi novels from the 1950s which tried to give a practical, realistic rendering of the problems of concerns of rocket flight into space - dealing with the physical strains of the G-force during lift-off, overcoming the disorientating effects of weightlessness (the astronauts wear magnetic-soked shoes like in 2001: A Space Odyssey), growing vegetables in a hydroponic farm on a space station, etc.

Space Tug is available to read free from Project Gutenberg

City on the Moon

To the Stars (Leinster): Book 3

Murray Leinster

Life on the moon under anything less than optimal conditions had always been a nightmare, and as Joe Kenmore and his colleague, Moreau, drove back to the City On The Moon on that day the Earth shuttle was due to land, the nearby mountain supporting critical elements of the shuttle's landing mechanisms crumbled causing an avalanche and resulting in chaos. Optimal conditions were no where in sight that day and as Kenmore and Moreau's investigations lead to their conclusion that explosions had been responsible for the avalanche.

Now they realized that they were in a race against the clock to restore the landing beam before the shuttle had reached it's point of no return prior to landing. Kenmore had more than strictly humanitarian reasons for wanting to prevent a mishap aboard the shuttle that day, because on this particular mission, Arlene Gray was aboard. Kenmore had been anxiously awaiting her arrival, and while in the scope of things Kenmore's comparatively meaningless love life might hang in the balance...

City On The Moon is also published as part of Ace Double D-Series: Book 277

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